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Loch Muick

Willie Murdoch
Monaltrie Avenue
AB35 5RX
TEL: 07464706035

NOTE: Balmoral Estate require from us, prior to fishing, each members date of and place of birth, a security check may be made by the police and Royal Household security..

GUESTS: Members are not permitted to take a guest to fish Loch Muick.

We have an agreement with Balmoral Estate so that members can fish Loch Muick. Small brown trout are the normal catch but larger trout are present, a 2lb trout was caught by one of our members a few years ago and records show fish up to 6lb have been caught in the past. We have an echo sounder (fish finder) available for the boat and larger fish have been detected at various depths. We know salmon and sea trout are now getting to the loch via the refurbished fish ladder at the Falls of Muick. We look forward with interest to one being caught.
Remember catch and release policy applies to all parts of the Dee system. Ferox trout are also presentin Loch Muick.
A downrigger is also available for the boat. ONLY USE WITH PREMISSION AND IF YOU HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED IN IT'S USE.
Automatic inflatable life jackets are stored in the boathouse and MUST be worn by members when out in the boat and returned to the pelican case.
Visitors are not allowed to fish Loch Muick.
We have a boathouse and a very serviceable boat at Loch Muick and this can make fishing and travelling down this large loch a pleasure not a chore, BUT, be careful, it takes at least two people to launch and operate this boat. Make sure the engine is working and there is plenty of fuel before you venture out on the loch. Make sure the bung is secure in the rear of the boat (outside the boat).
Members can bank fish at Loch Muick at any time but if you wish to use the boat and or boathouse they must book and obtain the combination for the lock from Willie Murdoch.

Fishing is fly only except on special occasions when fishing deep with the downrigger for ferox. Permission from Willie Murdoch required.

Cars must be parked in the Spittal of Muick car park.

In all cases a return of your days fishing even if no fish are caught to Willie Murdoch.